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The Ultimate Guide of OnPay Features, Reviews, and Benefits

A successful business is incomplete without its employees and staff. Employees and businesses work in an interplay to bring desired success in any event and project. There are bunches of software in the market for businesses to make it easier and more sophisticated. Among all of them, there is HR software emerging extensively among traders to accelerate their businesses, and that is named ‘OnPay’. Throughout the whole article, you will be well acquainted with OnPay and its functionality and other nitty-gritty aspects. After reading, you will know about the details of the background of the software and who it makes it for. 

What is OnPay?

OnPay is a cloud-based, well-designed payroll processing software made for small businesses and mid-scale businesses. OnPay payroll is focused on easy and smooth employee self-onboarding and managing the payment method on time without any hesitation. 

OnPay assists with automating taxation and payment workflows and keeps employee and staff information. In order to protect employees’ data, OnPay’s solution provides an isolated portal for each user to update their onboarding times, tax forms, and past payment withdrawal. 

OnPay helps the owner to monitor employees’ sick leave, PTO, and vacations. It is a solid choice for those businesses with a lot of hourly rate employees because its auto pay option is not available at the same time.

OnPay Software Feature

OnPay is embodied with a variety of the latest features that assist employees and contractors in getting pain in the system and depositing it easily. Here are some key features of payroll that everyone needs to know about it:

  • Payroll Processing: OnPay automates the easy payroll system and calculates the payments taxes accurately and reduces errors, and saves time. It offers additional capacities, including costumes reports and integration with other accounting applications to make the payroll system more smooth.
  • Tax Compliance: The software can automate the taxes forms and rates with proper compliance with federal and state tax laws. It comes with handling all of the filing and payment methods for businesses to make the taxation easy to go. 
  • Direct Deposit: To enhance the use of payroll in payment methods, OnPay offers a free deposit for the first month with pay via debit cards or checks; it also proposes unlimited payroll runs so that contractors set a pay schedule for each employee.
  • Time Tracking: To manage the finance of a business, Onpay possesses time tracking features to keep records of everything about every employee and contractor at a time. It calculates the payment timing and billing, sick leaves, and helps to create analytics reports on that.
  • HR Management: To help the management of the workforce of a company, OnPay supports advanced HR tools, including employee records, benefits, payroll, management, and employee onboarding.
  • Customizable Payroll Setting: To adjust according to business needs, the system offers a bunch of customizable payroll settings, including pay frequency, amount, and process of payment.
  • Mobile Access: OnPay has its mobile app to make it easy to access employees from anywhere at any time. The software stores all the information of users through individual portals so that they get all the data in the mobile app also.
  • Customer Support: OnPay provides live customer support through chat, phone calls, and emails. It has all the user-friendly features to help its customers.

OnPay offers a wide range of Benefits

There are numerous benefits of using OnPay in businesses. Multiple varieties of payroll have been incorporated into this HR software. The core benefits of using this payment process are given below: 

  • Robust Payroll: OnPay has excellent features to run multiple payrolls at a time accurately. Companies can pay their employees whenever they want to pay. Companies can hire employees as a salary-based or hourly-based payment. 
  • Employees Self-Service Portal: OnPay provides a personal portal to every employee so that they keep track of their own finances with lifetime access. They can view their pay stubs, request time off, and even can update their personal information. 
  • Report and Analytics: OnPay helps with providing accurate real-time reports and analytics of management processes and HR data. The employee can also see their performance through the report. The reports and analytics are soo error free that it does need further accuracy. It is an advantage for giant companies to track and record their employees’ performance.
  • Mobile Friendly App: Since OnPay has a mobile application, you can save time easily and pay with a single click to so many people. The employee also can withdraw their salaries through mobile without using their desktop. IOS users can also use it. 
  • Integration with Other Apps: To manage the whole system, OnPay offers variations of HR tools by integrating the software with other software and apps such as QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, Xero, FreshBooks, Tsheets, Think HR, and many more.
  • Save Time: The software has reduced the workflow that takes time in calculating payments and taxes. The task takes hours or sometimes days to complete, and OnPay does the same tasks at a click. As a result, you can involve more employees in your small business and can spread it.

Overall performance can be increased three times, and the scale of productivity by using the HR software in your company.

OnPay Pricing

OnPay is transparent and relatively affordable for small and mid-sized businesses. The pricing plan of OnPay is based on the number of employees and the features you need for employee management.

It has no add-ons or additional tiers, or extras on its monthly fees; the pricing is $40 per month plus additional monthly fees of $6 per person. Companies can run extra payrolls, pay employees incentives in over one state, and get access to HR tools they need to use and exclusive features free of cost. 

Although, there are a few contexts where OnPay charges extra fees, such as when companies can not pay the cost of payroll run, premium health insurance, workers’ compensation, and retirement policy. OnPay also acts as a broker for small businesses in terms of a full-service process by providing health insurance and 401(k) plans for their employees.

What We Think About OnPay?

OnPay is a cloud-based full-service HR platform that is designed to make payroll, taxation, and other payments easily and smoothly without any errors. It is easy to use for both employees and contractors of a company.

We believe that OnPay is a great platform in terms of payment and has come up with some advanced-level features to expand the small business and offer an hourly salary system. The pricing of the software is relatively new since it has diverse options and features to control the whole management.

OnPay Implementation and Onboarding

  • Software Installation: First, an employee needs to install the OnPay app; on the desktop, they need to go to the browser and type www.onpay.com. For the first month, you can try a free trial.
  • Sign Up: After completing the installation, you need to create an account using your personal verified email, and then you will get a verification mail to verify your user account on Onpay.
  • Profile Setup: Set your profile properly with personal information such as bio, address, profile picture, bank account no, and others. Based on your given information, the payroll will be conducted. 
  • Onboarding Process: Onboarding and implementation on OnPay is a straightforward process that involves training the employee on how to use the OnPay platform and getting support from customer support. It also assists in onboarding new employees in the company and running a smooth and efficient transition of payroll.


Following the stated points, you can properly use and implement the payroll system easily to get its top-notch benefits.

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Customer Service of OnPay

The OnPay community has various ways to support and help their users in terms of using the platform and spreading more knowledge about Onpay’s benefits. There are a few methods to get help from customer service at OnPay.

  • Knowledge base: OnPay has an excellent knowledge base that assists in sharing knowledge about how to use the platform and the OnPay app and get the most out of the process.
  • Email support: They support their email in various ways; among that, email is one. They try to serve their users at any time they connect with OnPay.
  • Live Chat: OnPay also has been providing live support through their community during working hours. 
  • Knowledgeable Staff: Before serving the users, OnPay trains their employees so that they can provide their most beneficial knowledge to the businesses. 

In addition, OnPay has been designed to make not only the payroll system easy but also to enhance the finance account of a business. They aimed to provide their best through their customer support team and also through their software.


Limitations of OnPay

Every technology has its limitations when using it worldwide. OnPay also has some limitations; as a result of it, so many countries can not use the software for payroll, and all kinds of businesses might not fit in the payroll system. The limitation is given below:

  • Geographical Limitation: Using OnPay is not eligible in some countries or may not support other countries’ tax laws and regulations. Those countries might not be that developed economically to support OnPay. 
  • Features Limitation: The availability of features depends on the cost you are paying to OnPay. However, the payroll may not have all the features and integrations with other apps that some businesses need, including advanced time-tracking or built-in HR systems. 
  • Price: The price of OnPay may be more expensive than now because of the way they are improving their platform and its features and HR tools, which is worth being expensive. 
  • Year-End-Tax Form: OnPay charges for printing year-end-tax forms, which is a drawback for small businesses. These extra small businesses can not afford to use it. It may not be an essential feature for businesses.
  • Limited Free Plan: Any user can use OnPay for free for the first month. After that, they need to pay for it, while other payroll platforms have their free version for free users. Here, it may count as a major limitation.

OnPay Awards & Certificates

In 2022, OnPay achieved PCMag Editors’ choice and “Best of” Awards from Forbes Advisor.

PCMag.com is the leading and trusted technology sharing its independent review on the latest digital product and services. Their experts’ analysis and use of the software then finally acknowledge PCMag Editors’ Choice to OnPay.

After that, Forbes announced the “Best of” Award to OnPay, which was a great achievement for the community of OnPay. Till now, they got positive reviews and comments from users and employees. It is well structured and well furnished with all features.

Customers Review About OnPay

So far OnPay has gotten positive reviews from users. Some users have delivered their valuable opinions on the features of OnPay. Here are some reviews of the clients on OnPay.

OnPay is relatively easy to use and navigate. New users can easily understand the process of using the payroll platform.


Undoubtedly, OnPay’s calculation system is so accurate that it can easily count thousands of payrolls for a company. The data provided by the software has been used in the analysis of employees’ yearly performance. “


Mobile apps for both android and IOS made their payroll easy to go and accelerated their use of finance and account management than before.


The users have stated that OnPay offers customer support via call, email, and live chat, which helped them to an extent to learn the use of the platform. “


In fact, the overall use of OnPay is really a great and amazing way for businesses to develop their business and open opportunities for workers in small businesses. 


What is OnPay?

OnPay is a cloud-based HR tool for managing and running payroll, taxation, and law forms for its employees. It also helps small businesses to mid businesses to grow their business.

What service does it provide?

OnPay is a life-saving solution and management process for payroll and running the payroll system accurately, taxes, benefits, and other HR tasks.

What types of payment methods does OnPay support for the employee?

OnPay supports multiple methods for employees. Employees can use direct deposit, paper checks, and prepaid debit cards.

Does OnPay offer direct deposit to employee paychecks?

Yes. OnPay offers direct deposit to employee paychecks.

Is OnPay available for businesses of all sizes?

Yes. Mainly it has been designed considering small businesses and mid-sized businesses. However, all types and all sizes of businesses can use OnPay in their payroll system.

Does OnPay have any mobile app?

Yes, OnPay does have mobile and IOS apps to make payroll easier and more effective.

Who is the founder of OnPay?

Jesse Burgess, the Founder, is the founder of OnPay.

How many users does OnPay have?

OnPay serves more than 10,000 clients across the United States by providing human resources, payroll, and other benefits.

Concluding Note:

To wrap up, it has been proved that, OnPay might be the best payroll system in the market right now, and any business can start off using the payroll system for better and accurate payment and taxation. If you are seeking something extraordinary with its features and usage, you can go with OnPay and its procedure.