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Reviewsnap Streamline Your Employees' Performance

A company can not progress with its employees’ best performance and goal setting. In the era of technology, new inventions take place almost every day. Reviewsnap is such system software that has made everything easy at the corporate level to scale up the employees’ overall performance. This blog post will discuss the facts and pros and cons you need to know before using the Reviewsnap. After reading this, you will know well about the tool and easily decide why you should use the system in your company.

What is Reviewsnap?

Reviewsnap is an employee performance and reviews management solution that enables HR personnel and owners of a company to evaluate and assess the performance, monthly and yearly goals setting, and overall progress of a company through the employees’ actions. Reviewsnap standardizes the employees’ performance and evaluates a particular employee’s performance.

The performance management tool helps the manager level to maintain a record of discussed topics and performance reviews, set up employees’ goals, and significantly provide 360-degree feedback to improve the management process. The performance solution automates with a variety of features to streamline the businesses’ growth and evaluation process.

Additionally, to improve the advancements of the software, a variety of sophisticated features have been included in the tool, such as time tracking, reminders, notification, custom workflow, language compliance, unlimited, customizable templates, and e-signatures. 

Reviewsnap interacts with compensation management software to allow the HR and management departments to evaluate employee performance and directly influence compensation decisions.

Reviewsnap Software Feature

Reviewsnap has multiple varieties of features to run the management process. Among all of that, there are a few key features that a good number of users have appreciated. These core features are given below:

Flexible & Customized Review Process: The navigation of the review process is easy and smooth for anyone. The user can customize the review layout to fit into the process. For example, the manager or HR level can change the criteria for evaluating employees’ performance and set new criteria and goals for employees. It also suggests individual customizable rules and regulations for the manager and owners.

Annual or Anniversary Reviews: Based on the customized setup, the performance management tool helps to generate annual analysis reports and reviews of the performance of the employees. It sets an alert of reminders for every user.

Review Status Tracking and Reminders: Reviewsnap allows the higher authority of a company to track the time and review the status of an employee and reset goals and plans for that particular employee. In order to check and track each employee accurately, the management platform automates the reminders, which helps the managers to enhance their productivity.

Performance Improvement Plans: Reviewsnap has a variety of features to assess performance and provide plans for each of the employees. It shows the lacking and weaknesses of an employee and also suggests the steps that need to be taken to improve that employee with efficient plans.

Automate and Streamline your Process & Workflow: Reviewsnap is associated with easy, user-friendly navigation that allows the customer to streamline the process with reports and facilitates a meaningful review system. It aims to create custom workflows with stages, processes, and statuses.

Employee Progress Tracking: The performance management platform not only offers to provide reviews but also enables the users to evaluate employees’ skills, progress, and experience to develop and retain the working flow and internal talent.

Individual Development Plan: The tool helps employees by providing career and personal development plans, mentioning current gaps in their skills, ability to perform, and competency in their corporate stage.

Web-Based Performance Management Solution: Reviewsnap is a web-based performance and reviews management solution which is accessible by an Internet connection. It is a perfect choice for businesses with multiple industries of all sizes and shapes and provides customer services worldwide.

Benefits of Reviewsnap

The technical features provide many versatile benefits to the companies and encourage them to be more technology based in their business. Here are some benefits that are high on the list:

Custom Dashboard: Reviewsnap offers an excellent dashboard with a set of customizable options to customize the dashboard in layouts according to users’ tastes. Every user will get a dashboard in their profile. 

Customized Modules: Customized modules help the management to effectively and productively track goals and maintain projects to get the best out of them. Reviewsnap offers versatile customized templates to monitor employees’ performance and growth.

Better Feedback Management: The 360-degree feedback feature of Reviewsnap allows the authority to improve workers’ accomplishments and find out the workers’ problematic aspects, strengths, and weaknesses. Additionally, 360-degree feedback benefited the user to provide and receive anonymous feedback on their performance, service quality, and growth.

Save Time on Administrative Duties: Reviewsnap is a blessing to save employees’ repetitive time from setting performance assessment forms and set goals manually, and it demolishes the employee’s productivity and efficiency. Reviewsnap provides the facilities to create forms for different corporate positions, workflows, and departments to adjust the performance management for the employees’ needs. These processes can be set up as customized templates, and users can use these in sending emails notification, schedules programs, and so on.

Real-Time Visibility of Productivity Reports: Reviewsnap will help provide specific data about the employees and annual analytical reports. Based on that data, management can establish personalized reports in real-time view, make accurate decisions for the business, and set performance improvement goals and plans.

Reviewsnap Pricing

Reviewsnap offers custom pricing for their software and users. However, they do not provide a free plan for their users. The review management tool costing is in the subscription module and also offers a free trial. The cost is relatively more affordable than other review management tools. It is purchasable in a 3-tired annual subscription module to fit into your desired management needs.

What we think about Reviewsnap

Reviewsnap is a sophisticated reviews management full-time software to help business management to review their performance and reviews to develop themselves. It guides how to manage employees’ overall performance and structured skill development. Any business is eligible to use the software to reduce its manual work and time spent on administrative tasks. 

The price is also affordable and easy to navigate with a well-designed, user-friendly interface. It is integrated with other sophisticated tools to facilitate usage at a more advanced level for the users. We would suggest you purchase and start off using the tool without any further delay.

Reviewsnap is also organized with good customer support from anywhere around the world, and there is also knowledgeable staff to guide you on how to use it and get the best out of it. To create customizable templates, plans, and goals for your employees, anyone should at least try the software once.

Implementation and Onboarding of Reviewsnap

Implementation and onboarding of the performance management system can be classified into the following steps:

  • Evaluate the company’s needs: Before onboarding the software, it is necessary to determine the specific features and capabilities you need to use to assess and manage your employees’ performance. Based on the need and goal setup plans, you need to purchase a subscription to Reviewsnap.
  • Configure the software: Set up and configure the software first to understand its features and your needs for the company, including customizable templates, review forms, defining workflows, performance criteria, the review process, and so on.
  • Import data: After setup, the manager needs to import the employees’ data, such as job description and responsibilities, past job experience, skills, and rating, manually so that later on, the platform can easily perform the implantation and onboarding task.
  • Define plans and implementation: Develop and prepare a strategic plan on how your company will roll out Reviewsnap to employees, train and support them to use the platform effectively, and bring out the best of it. 
  • Monitor usage and gather feedback: After roll-out, monitor the tool’s usage and try to know the feedback of your employees to make the use more effective and make your employees more technological. It will assist you in finding out the areas you need to improve and make a further decision on whether it is needed for your employee evaluation or not.

It is to be noted that having a clear idea and plan can assure you of a successful implementation and onboarding of Reviewsnap. Therefore, you will be assured whether your employees are using it in the management process to streamline the business efficiently.

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Customer Service of Reviewsnap

The Reviewsnap community supports the customers in various ways that they are comfortable with. Here is how you can get support from support team members:

  • Emails: Reviewsnap offers its support actively via mail. Anyone who needs to know anything about the management tool or how to use it can mail it to their official mail address. 
  • Live Chat: Reviewsnap team members also support their clients through live chats and provide valuable knowledge about their platform, pricing, and how to do what.
  • Phone Calls: They actively answer phone calls to assist clients anytime and help them with whatever they want to know.
  • Messages: Customers can message them for any kind of support from anywhere in the world. They are working globally to promote their platform.

Limitations of Reviewsnap

Like other technology, Reviewsnap has limitations and drawbacks according to the users. Below are some gives limitations, Reviewsnap is currently facing:  

  • Limited Customization: Some users have limitations in customizing while using the software and find some complexities in customization. Although the overall love performance of the software,
  • Lack of User Adoption: A few users found limited engagements and a lack of participation. Some users said it is user-friendly, and some found it hard to navigate.
  • Complex Integration: It has been said by some users that Reviewsnap has complex integration with other tools, which makes the navigation hard to understand.
  • System Limitations: Some users have found the review process tricky and felt some sort of system limitation in processing.
  • Limited Reporting: The reporting features are somewhat limited for multi-industrialized companies. According to them, there is a limitation in providing reports of employees.

After facing the overall limitation of the management software, users really appreciated the software and its performance. Neglecting the limitation, the management level is really happy with the system and its quality.

Awards & Certificate of Reviewsnap

Reviewsnap has been awarded versatile and reputed awards and quality certificates from well-renowned institutions. Among them, some are mentioned below:

In 2020, Reviewsnap was awarded three different awards by Finance Online such as ‘Expert’s Choice’,’ Supreme Software 2020 Award’ and ‘Great User Experience 2020 Award’.

Overall, from the award title, you can understand the features and benefits you will get after using the software.

Customers Review on Reviewsnap

The users have appreciated the tool extensively, increasing its popularity than below. Here are some high-listed reviews about Reviwsnap state by the users:

Reviewsnap has versatile and easy-to-use user-friendly components. For easy use, every user has an individual dashboard with customizations. “


Reviewsnap is also client friendly at the time. The software includes organized feedback processes and performance assessment criteria for the clients.


One of the viral features of Reviewsnap that users have appreciated till now. It automates performance, identifies employee performance gaps, and sets up customized review processes.


Robust management helps the manager and HR level to analyze the performance accurately and determine the employees’ potential.


So far, Reviewsnap has got positive comments and reviews from the users and HR levels. It is said by the Reviewsnap community that people are incorporating performance management in their businesses increasingly. Therefore, anyone can choose the platform to measure their performance.


These are a few questions that have been asked several times by our potential customers. These are:

Who are the users of Reviewsnap?

Freelancers, large enterprises, mid-size businesses, non-profit organizations, public administrations, and small businesses usually are the typical customer of Reviewsnap.

How does Reviewsnap provide customer support?

Reviewsnap provides customer support via emails, phone calls, live chats, and messages.

Are the features customizable for users?

360-degree feedback, customizable template, goal setting, tracking, and set review standards are the customizable features of the tool. Besides, you will get a dashboard that is also customizable for the users.

What is the cost of Reviewsnap?

The overall cost is affordable and comes in an annual subscription module. However, it offers a free trial for the users but not a free plan.

How does Reviesnap function to save time?

With Reviewsnap, users will get sophisticated features to use to monitor performance levels, growth rates, and skill gaps of the employees which reduce manual work, therefore, time.

Does Reviewsnap offer a free plan?

No, Reviewsnap does not offer a free plan in its pricing packaging.

Does Reviewsnap offer a free trial?

Yes, Reviewsnap provides a free trial so that users feel motivated and experience the functionalities of the management tool.

Concluding Note:

In conclusion, Reviewsnap is an integration of multiple management performance suits for all sizes of business. It helps to build robust performance growth and helps the company to enhance its productivity three times more. After the overall discussion, it is pretty clear to you to make an effective decision for your business that we promised you at the beginning of the post. 

It has proven as a time savers tool for big companies and reduces their manual work in management and reviews. Therefore, grow your employees’ qualities and experience with the help of the Reviewsnap system.